Moving – Every little bit and piece

Hello! Today I’m sending a quick blog post to let you know that I haven’t given up on my projects! As life would have it, I have to move my entire craft room and then put it all back together. Things are just a mess and despite being organized, I’m not sure I could actually find anything I needed! So, please bear with me as I make this transition and I promise there will be more projects soon.

It’s also a great time to really go through everything and donate what I don’t need or use anymore and figure out ways to make my craft room more organized and efficient for me. Right now, I’m helping a friend put together a scrapbook for her exchange student and I’m working at the dining room table with just a bit of paper, adhesive, and photos. Nothing like working very minimalistic! Thank you to everyone for their support during this process. I hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

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