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A Frilly & Funkie Christmas in July

Hello! Happy Christmas in July! Although I seriously felt like the next time I would be in my craft room was sometime in December, I made it! While I’m not yet at full steam, I am starting to get back into the swing of things and finally this weekend I “found” my craft room. To be honest I found the room and only some of my stuff. Over the past several months my craft room has been stacked, piled, bagged, boxed, upended, moved, and sorted. After 20+ years in the same house, we moved to a new neighborhood. Our new ’hood is close to where we were but, at times, feels like miles away. I loved our “old house” but we now have a bit more room and a new view! Moving always involves many cogs in the wheels and we’ve been a bit of a construction zone in our new house. Today I finally said “stuff it” and started to work at my craft table despite a million other things I needed to get done for work and a ton of boxes to unpack. Needless to say, there were plenty of times were I just stood there and said “where did I see that….” or “where did I put that?” […]