A Frilly & Funkie Christmas in July

Hello! Happy Christmas in July! Although I seriously felt like the next time I would be in my craft room was sometime in December, I made it! While I’m not yet at full steam, I am starting to get back into the swing of things and finally this weekend I “found” my craft room. To be honest I found the room and only some of my stuff. Over the past several months my craft room has been stacked, piled, bagged, boxed, upended, moved, and sorted. After 20+ years in the same house, we moved to a new neighborhood. Our new ’hood is close to where we were but, at times, feels like miles away. I loved our “old house” but we now have a bit more room and a new view! Moving always involves many cogs in the wheels and we’ve been a bit of a construction zone in our new house. Today I finally said “stuff it” and started to work at my craft table despite a million other things I needed to get done for work and a ton of boxes to unpack. Needless to say, there were plenty of times were I just stood there and said “where did I see that….” or “where did I put that?”

As I try to make sure things are moved to the right places, the movers were told to be especially careful with my Christmas stuff. I love decorating at Christmas and this year will be a new challenge in a new house. I was already thinking about it in late May. So, when I logged on and checked out the Frilly & Funkie challenge blog, I was happy to see that the current challenge is Christmas in July! The challenge asks for us to create a gift, an ornament, or something that you would use to decorate or give at Christmas. YAY! The challenge is sponsored by the Funkie Junkie Boutique.

For the challenge I made an ornament. I was lucky enough to find the various pieces I used for this project. It was lovely to pull out the green papers for the greenery, dig through bags of die cuts to find my poinsettia die, and delve into boxes to find some of my embellishments! I hope you enjoy my little piece. It was great find to be back in my craft room and I’m hoping things settle down enough that it becomes fairly normal again!

I hope everyone is well and that everyone is having a lovely summer!

A Window on Christmas in July

Items used for this project:

Christmas in July - banner

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3 Responses

#1 Kathy/NorthCarolina said...
02-Aug-17 1:48 AM

My husband and I downsized from our big family home to a much smaller one a little over a year ago. I STILL have things I cannot find! LOL But I do love how easy it is to live here. I hope you manage to get your nest in shape soon, and that you enjoy the process. Now, on to your marvelous Christmas decoration. I love the rustic feel of this lovely ornament. The wood, the window scene, the pretty greenery and floral accent all come together beautifully. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at the Frilly and Funkie Christmas in July Challenge!

#2 Autumn said...
02-Aug-17 5:56 AM

Oh my word! You poor dear! I can relate to you completely. We packed and moved then had to bring things back and unpack and move back in! At that point I decided to completely redo my studio and incorporate some of my "vintage" furniture. I still can't see the table... Did I mention I have projects due tomorrow?! LOL! Anyway, I am just delighted that this challenge pushed you towards some play time. It is crucial in the midst of such stress and madness that you have some time to let your mind wander and be creative. And let me tell you, you've done just that with this wonderful ornament! I love every detail of it and am just so inspired by seeing it. A truly gorgeous make! We are ever so thankful that you shared with us at Frilly and Funkie! Big hugs, Autumn

#3 Autumn said...
07-Aug-17 1:54 PM

I am just so happy to see this project as our winner this round - congratulations!!! Hugs, Autumn