12 Tags of Christmas – Funkie Junkie Style (Week #1)

It’s time for Linda’s 12 Tags of Christmas! All of the details of the challenge can be found on The Funkie Junkie blog. The challenge is generously sponsored by The Funkie Junkie Boutique.

For the first week, I was inspired by Linda’s use of stars and trees (or forest) and wanted to find a way to use trees differently. When I saw that Tim Holtz had a new birch and pine background stamp I knew that it would instantly become a favorite! So, I decided my tag is inspired by the a sign for “home” nailed to the tree. I grew up living in a forest. It amazed me what people nailed to and posted on their trees, particularly those near the road. There were signs from the generic “no trespassing” to the snarky signs about “goat protecting property.” And, you could always find homemade signs at the local Christmas craft fair. So with that in mind and inspired by Linda’s tag, I created my “winter wonderland” tag. It is a birch (or here aspen) tree with a sign for “home” posted on it.

Week 1 down… What does Linda have in store for week 2???

12 tags of Christmas: Winter Wonderland

Items used for this project:


Winter Wonderland - banner

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4 Responses

#1 Linda, the funkie junkie said...
03-Oct-16 6:43 PM

Woohoo, you're my first participant this year Ms. Inky Splatters! LOVE what you did with the birch and pine b/g stamp and that cottage in the woods is such a long-time favorite of mine! The way you framed it up as a hanging sign is brilliant. SO happy to have you along for the 12 tags this year. Can't wait to see what you'll post next!

Hugs, Linda

#2 Alison said...
09-Oct-16 8:40 AM

A beautiful, Christmassy tag!

#3 Elizabeth said...
11-Oct-16 2:47 PM

Your tag is gorgeous! So evocative of Christmas in the woods.

#4 Birgit said...
11-Oct-16 8:53 PM

This is a great take on her card. I love the birch background. It reminds me of my mom who grew up near a forest of evergreen and birch trees