Count Me In! (April’s Book of Months too)

Happy April to everyone! It looks a bit more like January here but tomorrow the sunshine will be back and the snow will melt! While the moisture is good, we definitely had a lot of broken tree branches. It always makes me sad because it takes so long for trees to grow here. <sigh>

This week I worked on the latest challenge from the Frilly & Funkie Blog – Count Me In. The challenge is graciously sponsored by the Funkie Junkie Boutique. The challenge is to use numbers as part of the design of the project and not just as an embellishment. I also decided to make this project part of my own personal book of months project too.

For me this project is designed around numbers but with a purpose. April is my birthday month. It’s also my beloved’s birthday month. So, quite a number of the papers, designs, and embellishments relate to April, our years of birth, and our ages for this year. So, for example, the paper with the astronomical calculations only uses the month of April for the project. I had a lot of fun digging through all of my papers and embellishments finding the right number combinations (or in some case the anagram of the numbers). Although the ages aren’t directly noted it’s the number sequence that’s “hidden” in the project – I mean a girl never really gives her age, right? The photo in the center of the page was one taken by my beloved of the Parque de la Ciudadela’s Cascada Monumental when we were in Barcelona last year. I chose it because of the two pigeons he caught on the horse statue that look like they are kissing. I also chose some quotes that I thought were appropriate for the project and for me.

This is the first project that I used my new Distress Oxide Inks – the Walnut Stain gives a nice, dulled browning effect on stuff so it worked great for the chipboard lifts on the numbers. I also used one of the new Carabelle stamps and the new Frank Garcia spoons. I wish the glitter in the spoon was a bit more glittery but not bad for my first try!

So, count me in for the challenge. Happy Birthday to all of the April babies!

Numbers: Count me in

Items Used for the Project:

Numbers - banner

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3 Responses

#1 Beth said...
06-Apr-17 10:44 AM

Terrific - again! And I don't know how to keep all your products straight - what you used and didn't use. I totally lose track when I work/play. Love you!

#2 Sara Emily said...
11-Apr-17 3:52 AM

Well, if this doesn't take the cake for numbers, I don't know what does! I could sit and stare at this for days and still not see it all or the same thing twice! Gorgeous vintage collage! Happy Birthday to you and your beloved! Hugs!

#3 Kathy/NorthCarolina said...
13-Apr-17 5:34 AM

I love this collage/layout/vignette piece! There are so many wonderful layers and delightful use of numbers. I really love the domino that is numbers, but not in a traditional way. You've skilfully told a story here, and that always makes me happy. Happy birthday to you and to your beloved! Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Count Me In Challenge on Frilly and Funkie!