12 Tags of Christmas – Funkie Junkie Style (Week #9)

I’m catching up….really! A wintery blast has come our way this week but not near enough snow yet! Even still we inch closer to Christmas and I’m on Week #9 of the 12 Tags of Christmas – Funkie Junkie style. I’m 75% done which, unfortunately, is not near the percentage of my Christmas shopping that’s done. <sigh>

The 12 Tags of Christmas – Funkie Junkie style is generously sponsored by the Funkie Junkie Boutique and you can still join in the holiday fun by visiting Linda's blog and checking out the rules and time deadlines for this inspirational challenge.

Linda’s tag for week #9 was designed as an invitation to a holiday party. It made me think of mail and all of the lovely things we used to mail each other. Now, we tend to send emails, texts, or posts on social media. I loved getting pictures, letters, and invitations in the mail but now it’s only bills, circulars, a magazine, and, rarely, a good old-fashioned letter. So I was inspired by Linda’s tag to recreate mail. While my brain had a million different ideas (I’ll save them for next year so long as Linda has her holiday party…) I decided on something vintage-like and fairly simple. Once I found my stamp I also challenged myself to stay within the bound of one stamp set and I was lucky I could manage it!

So, I do hope everyone has at least one really good letter come in the mail this holiday! Stay warm, safe, and happy.

Post card

Items used for this project:

Post card- banner

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1 Response

#1 Linda, the funkie junkie said...
12-Dec-16 6:40 PM

This is awesome! Your interpretation of my invitation rocks! I have always loved that 'Post Card' stamp and it is perfect in red! And the script stamp below really makes it look like an authentic post card. Love the greenery/poinsettia spray too. I'm so glad you are getting caught up. Hope you are able to get your Christmas shopping done too. I'm hardly started, but don't have many to buy for. And I'm lobbying for not buying much this year. Not sure if I'm going to prevail on that one. My family wants presents - LOL.

Hugs, Linda