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Moving – Every little bit and piece

Hello! Today I’m sending a quick blog post to let you know that I haven’t given up on my projects! As life would have it, I have to move my entire craft room and then put it all back together. Things are just a mess and despite being organized, I’m not sure I could actually find anything I needed! So, please bear with me as I make this transition and I promise there will be more projects soon. It’s also a great time to really go through everything and donate what I don’t need or use anymore and figure...


April classes with the Ice Prince!

After a long week at work, Friday evening and Saturday were a creative break. No challenges, no scrapbook pages, no reorganizing the craft room this weekend because about a month ago I signed up for 3 classes at my local scrapbooking store. It was part of my birthday present from my beloved. So, off I went to class late afternoon on Friday…and what a hoot of a time I had over the next 36 hours! The class was taught by the Ice Prince, John Creighton Peterson, from Imagine Crafts, Ice Resin, Authentique...


Hello, World

It is traditional that the first post of a new blog welcomes everyone. So: hello, world. This particular blog of mine is going to be about my exploring the various arts and crafts I learn about in my crafting and cropping hobby. Enjoy!