April classes with the Ice Prince!

After a long week at work, Friday evening and Saturday were a creative break.  No challenges, no scrapbook pages, no reorganizing the craft room this weekend because about a month ago I signed up for 3 classes at my local scrapbooking store.  It was part of my birthday present from my beloved.  So, off I went to class late afternoon on Friday…and what a hoot of a time I had over the next 36 hours!  The class was taught by the Ice Prince, John Creighton Peterson, from Imagine Crafts, Ice Resin, Authentique, and Prima. I spent hours playing with Staz-On Inks, Black Gesso, and Ice Resin.  I learned a ton of new techniques and dabbled a bit more in the mica powders and acrylic paints and mica powders offered by Finnabair.  We spent time with different texture pastes and stencils including the Graphite texture paste.  And, to be able to make my own texture paste using the new Finnabair texture paste and mix it with the acrylic paints was awesome!  The colors in the acrylic paints are stunning and to be able to make it into a texture paste just opens up more doors of possibility!

Friday night we worked on an explosion box and made an ice resin bezel.  Both of those were a first for me.  The box didn’t get completed because we were waiting for the bezels to set.   I want to change some things on my box but here is the explosion box in its current state:

April classes: Explosion box

And, here is the bezel we were waiting for:

April classes: resin bezel

On Saturday I started off the morning working on my mixed media canvas.  This was something way, way out of my comfort zone.  I kept crossing the lines because the dark side and the light side of things.  Here is my first mixed media canvas:

April classes: mixed media canvas

As I continued on to Saturday evening, it was journal making time.  I was creatively tired but I kept plugging along….to make this bezel and journal!  The ice resin needed to set overnight so I couldn’t “rough up” the pocket watch piece.  I was a bit creative brain tired today and didn’t work on it because I didn’t want to mess it up.  Here is my journal:

April classes: journal

John was a great teacher!  He gave us enough time to work with the techniques and continued to visit each of us in the room to offer ideas, assistance, reminders, and just to chat.  I didn’t feel rushed which was great because he fit a ton of techniques into the class but also gave us plenty of time to work on our projects.  Maintaining that balance is certainly not an easy feat.  He has great stories, a very charming personality, and some of the best one liners!  You can also tell that he is very artistic and has a big heart (for example – he rescued his dog from a shelter having resisted the urge to get a puppy.  As a rescue mom several times over I truly appreciate that people can give their time and hearts to a furry family member who needs it).  It was truly a pleasure to spend Friday evening and all day Saturday with John.  We laughed, we learned, and we were inspired.

Check out John’s site for more ideas and techniques.

Thank you Ice Prince!  I look forward to being able to take another class from you next year!

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